Wishing Well

Wishing Well is part of an emerging professional network of ‘Musicians in Healthcare’ who use a person centred methodology to ‘offer’ music making and interaction in healthcare settings. Our Musicians are experienced professionals, trained and supported to work in partnership with healthcare professionals.

To find out more visit www.wishingwellmusic.org.uk

Older people with Dementia

Tapping into the ‘soundtracks’ we accumulate throughout our lives our Musicians identify familiar repertoire for each participant. Research has shown these ‘soundtracks’ are still retained in the memory even of those in advanced stages of dementia.

21% of our work takes place with older people with dementia 402 sessions were delivered during 2017-2018 in dementia wards and units

Children and Young People

Children and young people get to direct and choose their involvement and interaction. Everything happens to a child in hospital but during musical interactions children regain a sense of control, choice and self expression.

16% of our work takes place with children and young people in healthcare settings.

303 sessions we delivered during 2017-2018 in children’s wards, hospitals, specialists units and hospices.

“The musicians transform the soundscape and therefore the wellbeing of everyone on the ward. I want the Nurses to think about singing or humming softly as they work.”

Janet Lee, Critical Care Practitioner, Royal Alexandra Children's Hospital

"I like making up my own songs here a lot because you can play just how it goes. We did scary and happy and silly and sleepy and it made a song story. My favorite is the ukulele and me playing all the instruments at once with everyone else too.”

Young person

“You think it’s all lost ...then the music starts and it all comes flooding back."

Older person living with dementia