Wishing Well

Wishing Well is Rhythmix’s Music in Healthcare programme. Wishing Well musicians make music with patients directly by hospital bedsides, creating meaningful interactions to improve the wellbeing of children, young people and older people with dementia in hospitals and hospices. We support well-being in healthcare by creating environments that make people feel safe and by encouraging a healthcare culture that helps staff interact with the person, as well as treating the health condition. We support the whole community around the patient, including families, caregivers and staff in interactions and aim to improve the overall soundscape of hospital wards.

Wishing Well works in:
- Children’s Hospitals: long term patients with complex needs
- Special Care Baby Units: supporting Mother and Baby during “Kangaroo Care”
- Children’s wards: short term patients/surgery recovery
- Clinical Services: supporting eg CYP with acquired head injuries as part of residential therapeutic care.
- Hospice: End of Life and Respite Care
- Residential Dementia Assessment Wards: Older people with advanced Dementia.

To find out more visit www.wishingwellmusic.org.uk