Rhythmix - Tutor

Tommo Clubley

Musician: Tommo is an experienced musician, having been a guitarist, singer and bass player in various live and recording bands for 20 years. This has included performing at various festivals, squats, social centres and large scale venues around the UK and Europe, and collaborating with other artistes. He is also a song writer and founding member of The Don Bradmans and has recorded and composed music for radio, short films and solo releases often utilising other instrumental and production skills.
Music Leader: He studied community music at Northumbria University, Newcastle and received a BA Hons degree. Alongside working as a professional music he ran community music projects in Newcastle and Liverpool (The Black E). More recently his music leader work has included SEND sessions in Brighton and East Sussex. Tommo believes passionately in the power of music to heal, create connections and bring meaning to peoples lives.