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Hannah Dunster

Hannah is a flautist and composer playing and touring with Brazilian Paulista group, Lambrego and British folk-fusion group, Tribe of Tinkers. Since 2011, Hannah has recorded two independent albums with Lambrego, and performed extensively in both Brazil and the UK. She loves to discover the sonic effects of crossing cultural boundaries through music!

Lambrego: http://www.fernando-machado.com/#!lambrego/cqvh

Tribe of Tinkers: http://tribeoftinkers.weebly.com/ http://tribeoftinkers.weebly.com/

Music Leader:

Graduating from the Guildhall School of Music's Leadership Masters in 2011, Hannah has since collaborated with many people in settings such as prisons, homeless shelters, schools, care homes and community centres in order to create new music, reflective of their voices. Alongside her freelance career, Hannah is the director of Soundcastle, a music social enterprise which collaborates with harder to reach communities, co-producing music projects which promote wellbeing, resiliance and reinforcing connections through musicking.

When she is not musicking, you can find her roaming the windy hills around Brighton in search of sea views and blackberries!

Soundcastle: www.soundcastle.co.uk