Rhythmix - Tutor

Graham Dowdall

Musician: Since the eighties Graham has been a professional performing musician, working with many respected bands and artists,including Nico and John Cale. He is still an active performer and composer solo as Gagarin and in acclaimed bands Roshi feat. Pars Radio and Pere Ubu.

Music Leader: Graham has worked for many organisations including Rhythmix leading workshops a wide variety of settings including youth clubs, Special Schools, Children’s Homes, PRUs, Secure Units. Graham has been teaching on the Goldsmiths Certificate in Music Workship Skills (CMWS) course since 1998 and for the last four years has been the course director as well as designing a new Community Arts BA. He is part of the Training team for Drake Music, has completed research for Sound Connections in iPad use with young people in challenging circumstances and is working as a mentor for Live Music Now.

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