Rhythmix - Tutor

Andy Cooper


Andy has a background in supporting adults and children with learning disabilities and works as a music facilitator. Andy also works with children and adults with complex needs as a studio support artist.

Andy has supported the delivery of accessible music making sessions with young homeless people with Rhythmix and in partnership with Brighton Housing Trust. He is currently a lead tutor on a Make Waves project. With an interest in and experience of social care, art and music facilitation, he believes that encouraging young people’s participation in music and art can boost self esteem and encourage positive choices and reflection in all aspects of a young person’s life.

Musician: Andy plays the trumpet, guitar and also writes and performs in his music project The Creaking Chair. Andy also composes music for film-makers and collaborates with other artists.
The Creaking Chair: www.thecreakingchair.com
Music and sound design: andrewaccooper.wordpress.com