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Adriana Lord Romero

Musician: Adriana is a singer, songwriter and actress with a background in contemporary dance, event production, Playback and Spontaneous Theatre. She has been a performer for over twenty year. She has been a founder of several choirs and theatre groups She has many vocal credits including soundtracks, commercials and cd’s, and has performed on radio and TV, including BBC1 and BBC 4, as well as theatres, festivals and venues across the UK, France, Brasil and Cuba. She is also the lead singer in Son Guarachando, a Brighton-based Latin band.

Music Leader: Adriana currently works as a teacher of singing, theatre and Spanish to young people in Brighton, and also collaborates with the theatre groups Teatro por y para Niños, Banyan Tree Puppet Theatre, MOSAIC and Luna Playback Theatre. She has delivered singing workshops in prisons, schools, hospitals and hospices, as well as being involved in cultural projects in the battle against AIDS, homophobia, racism and other sorts of discrimination.

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