Rhythmix - Staff

The Programme

Over 17 years of working with young people in challenging circumstances, Rhythmix has developed a flexible, creative working model. We partner with organisations that already treat a young person to offer sets of music-making sessions, based on the desired outcomes of the young people and their supporters. This means our work is integrated into the care of young people and forms a part of their recovery plan.

The opportunities on offer are things the children or young people actually want to be involved in and works within the existing treatment that a young person is receiving.

In these music sessions, the young people will work closely with a professional musician, a trained Rhythmix tutor, and industry standard equipment to produce their own music. This involves songwriting, which is a way to reflect on experiences side-on and with creativity, and music production. Some sessions involve band work, where young people get to meet others with similar experiences to them and make music together.

In some cases, we can also provide qualifications such as Arts Award to these young people, giving them a possible foot in the door to other educational opportunities or the skills to move forward in creative industries. Some young people have also used the music they make to apply to colleges or music courses.

We aim to give children and young people the chance to produce something to be proud of, and in turn raise their confidence and skills. In addition to this, we teach them teamwork and communication skills that traditional education may not have provided and a positive role model to interact with and learn from.

Music In Mind has been developed over the last 5 years, during which time we have refined our model of delivery, built strong partnerships with Mental Health services across the South East, consulted with young people and partners and increased the skills of our workforce.

We work in partnership with organisations such as CAMHS, Hospital Mental Health Units and the Early Intervention Service. We ensure each project is tailored to meet the specific needs and interests of the young people and organisations. Each project is then matched with the right Rhythmix tutor.

Music In Mind projects are open to all young people accessing our partner services whether they have previous music experience or have never picked up an instrument before. Our tutors lead sessions in a relaxed and flexible manner ensuring all young people can engage at a level they feel comfortable with, even if that means simply observing until they feel confident enough to take part.