Rhythmix - Staff

Our impact

Our impact can be seen in the testimonies of the young people and staff that we work with.

“For many of our young people I think that this is the only group/opportunity of its kind that they would be able to currently access with their specific emotional wellbeing/mental health needs: I really hope that we can expand and offer more groups like this in the future as I regularly speak to other professionals who work with young people who would benefit from a group like this and it has made such a difference to our current group of young people.”
Rebecca Hempe - Targeted Youth Support Worker, East Sussex Children’s Services

"It gave me a strategy. A way to cope. When things are difficult you feel so alone but his group helped me see that there were people around me. It’s one of the best things I have ever done"

“It is always nice to witness people building up the courage and confidence to get involved with an activity involving a group. The collaborative aspect of the group and the way in which they have been able to share creative vision and agree on production decisions without anyone being uptight about ownership or credits. It is enjoyable to see people work towards goals whilst maintaining an open minded attitude and accepting and valuing the ideas of others as they do of their own.”
Rhythmix Tutor*

“The young people have bonded into a really supportive group who work well together as a team and encourage one another. Some of them didn’t know each other at all before attending these sessions and have now formed valued friendships.”
CAHMS staff member*

* - Name removed to protect anonymity