Music in Mind

These Music in Mind sessions engages children and young people with mental health problems in high quality music making activities that provide respite from their challenges, relieve stress and encourage self expression. Sessions are led by trained music leaders who work as professional musicians, with knowledge of contemporary music genres and techniques. This gives them a potential industry role model and someone who understands and addresses their interests. The music leaders work with the young people to learn technology and instrumental skills whilst writing songs.

Musical skills are developed alongside personal, social and educational skills (communication, group work, literacy and numeracy). Many complete recognised qualifications which for the majority are their first qualification. This music centred approach allows adults and young people to work together to find the most appropriate method to get each individual focused and engaged.

18% of our work takes place with children and young people with (or groups with high prevalence of) mental health issues.

335 sessions we delivered during 2017-2018 in specialist mental health units, behavior units, specialist education units and community settings with Children and Adolescent Mental Health services (CAMHS)


“You can forget your problems when you’re playing music because you have to focus so much on what you’re doing.”


"Without support from CAMHS, especially Music in Mind, I don’t think I’d still be alive,” he says. “In my darkest days, I get out of bed because that group’s given me something to focus on.”


“The Rhythmix music sessions are by far the most popular thing we offer here. ."

Stephanie, Occupational Therapist, Chalkhill Child and Adolescent Mental Health Unit