Innovate - music for people with physical and learning disabilities

Rhythmix has a range of programmes targeting Children and Young People with learning and physical disabilities (high functioning to severe) who have SEN (Special Educational Needs) statements and/or Disability Living Allowance.

We work with children and young people (CYP) with a variety of needs in terms of type and severity of disability, schooling/living situations, age and different interests, music skills and personal issues such as confidence.

We offer a variety of session structures and employ specially trained tutors with a range of skills to ensure that all needs are met.

We work with people with the following learning and physical disabilities :
- Mild, moderate or severe Learning Disabilities
- Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), including Aspergers
- Downs Syndrome
- Mild, moderate or severe Physical Disabilities
- Complex Needs and Chronic health issues
- Speech & language Impairments

The work we do includes:
- Activities in Special Schools such as Woodlands School
- Special units within mainstream schools
- Youth and Community Settings
- Day Centres
- Disability play sessions
- Residential and Care homes.
- Partnerships with Children’s Local Authority Disability Services
- Short Breaks and Parent Panels
- Consult Music Education Hub members and Challenging Circumstances Sub Hubs to select the most appropriate and ‘in need’ settings
- Training sessions for Rhythmix and Music Education Hub staff across the region

Partners: Youth Music, Short breaks (East Sussex), Short Breaks (Surrey), Foreshore Charitable Trust, Life More Ordinary, Breaking the Bubble (Surrey Music Education Hub), Pupil Premium, First Access (BHMA, SoundCity), Jessie's Fund, Community Foundation for Surrey as well as numerous special schools and accessible venues.