Rhythmix - Case Study

Baby R

The Wishing Well Team have been involved in end of life care, supporting 2 year old baby R. and his family on the HDU. HDU staff were concerned that R.'s last days be as uncomplicated by medical procedures as possible, allowing him to spend time surrounded by his extended family.

The musicians played an important role in 3 ways: They enabled members of R.'s extended family to connect with him through music. They sang songs, encouraging R. and the family to join in with voices and percussion. They stepped back enough to allow family and friends to play directly with R, swapping instruments and laughing with him.

The Musicians brought absolute joy and delight to R in a way that was totally appropriate for his situation. They surrounded him in upbeat songs while he played along choosing different shakers and other handheld instruments. He was right at the centre of an interaction that had nothing to do with his diminishing health.

On one session with R, the Musicians were accompanied by a film-maker. With the Mother's permission, the music session was filmed and the footage has been gifted to the family. We hope the footage will, in time help the family remember R. in a very positive way, laughing and playing music and surrounded by loved ones.