All Rhythmix workshops include an element of:

  • Lyric & Song Writing: Rhythmix workshops aim to challenge young people to think creatively and to make their own new music.
  • Cross Genre & New Music: Rhythmix workshops feature a mix of Rock, Pop, DJ, Urban, and Music Tech and have a focus on enabling young people to take part in the music they hear around them every day.
  • Performance Skills: Rhythmix workshops ensure that young people have opportunities to share their work with their peers, support workers, families and communities.



  • Rhythmix Production: Music Production, Beat Making
  • Rhythmix Voice: Choir, Singing, MCing, Rap, Beatboxing
  • Rhythmix Instrument: Live Band, Percussion
  • Rhythmix Accessible: Early Years, Special Needs



  • Song Writing Skills: Enhancing song writing, improvisation and composition skills, harmony and rhythm skills, widening awareness and interest musical styles, focussed listening skills
  • Sharing opportunities: recording of the compositions, performance, group playing skills
  • Music theory: improve pulse awareness, general rhythmic skills, an understanding of structure and arrangement



  • Social Skills: group and teamwork, co-operation, creativity, leadership, reflective skills, performance skills, improved listening and analysis
  • Personal Skills: self-expression, personal growth, listening skills, increased concentration and memory, analytical and reflective skills
  • Education Skills: enabling different children to excel within the school environment, strong cross-curricular opportunities, improved literacy and numeracy, IT skills
  • Community Engagement: Understanding and appreciation of their local community and understanding of other cultures


To read Rhythmix’s Child Protection Policy please click here.


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